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Does your dog have more energy than you can handle?  Too anxious to stay home alone all day?  Does s/he terrorize the housekeeper?  Bark at the pool guy?  There are thousands of reasons why people need doggy daycare.  Pierre's Dog House is a private, yet affordable space, where healthy and social dogs owned by responsible people come together to enjoy themselves in an environment that is safe, and free-range.  


We have 3 play areas, each with anytime outdoor access through a doggy door.  We mostly separate the dogs by size, however we take play style into consideration as well.


Read more below to learn about what we offer.


Our first and most important requirement is good temperament.      Is your dog social?  Does your dog enjoy playing with other dogs?  If not, that's ok too, some dogs just like to watch.  Some of our dogs play the entire day, some nap (a lot!), others follow the human around and get pets all day, the most important rule we have is BE NICE!  If your dog has ever shown aggression towards other dogs or people, our facility will not be a good fit.


Health and age requirements:

  •  16 Weeks or older

  • Spayed/Neutered if older than 6 months

  • Current on Rabies, Parvo (DA2PPV) and Bordetella (within the last 6 months)

  • On a flea prevention medication (monthly oral type preferred)



In order to keep all dogs familiar with each other and our facility, minimum attendance requirement is once a week on a set day to enjoy our daycare, boarding and bathing services.

We don't believe in overcrowding our play areas/yards, therefore a reservation is required for all daycare visits.  



The more days a week your dog comes to daycare, the less you pay per visit.

  • 15-Pack.  $330 ($22/visit)

  • 10-Pack.  $260 ($26/visit)

  • 5-Pack.  $150 ($30/visit)

  • Single visit/evaluation.  $40

All packages expire 6 weeks from date of purchase.


For those needing daily daycare or schedule flexibility, we offer  a monthly membership for $370 per month.  ​

Membership Benefits include:

  • Unlimited Monday-Friday visits

  • Reduced Saturday daycare rate of $25 per visit

  • 20% discount on our boarding and bathing services.

  • $50 off additional monthly memberships

  • Credit card auto-charge on the 1st of the month

  • Minimum 3 month commitment 


Hours of Operation:


Drop-off                      Pick-up

7am-10am                     3pm-7pm

Closed on Sunday 

Yappy Hour

Late pick up available Monday-Friday 7:01pm-8pm      $15.



Weekend getaways?  Business trips?  Holiday vacation?  Home renovations?

We've got you covered!  One of the perks of being part of the Pierre's Dog House Family is having a trusted place to leave your dog when you travel.

Our overnight boarding is similar to our

 daycare setting, except we put down bedding, dim the lights and limit their outdoor access.  All you need to bring is food!  



We offer some basic grooming services exclusively to our clients while your dog is in our care.  You will receive a list of services and prices on evaluation day.


Evaluation Process:

We have a two-day evaluation process, which is two full days of daycare under close supervision.  For first day introductions, you will drop off your pup with Pierre's right at 7:00AM, when daycare opens for the day.   We will then introduce your pup to our play area, give your dog some space to sniff things out, find the water bowl and get some practice using the doggy door before the rest of the pack arrives.  We will then safely introduce your dog to each of our pack members individually, as each member is dropped off for daycare.  This process helps set a positive tone for the rest of your dog's experience with us.  


Ready to sign up?  To confirm current availability, please text us, call us, or send us an email with the best time to reach you.  

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